Lesson #1: Friendly Advice for Heat Friendly Care

Hi all! After our last post, I thought that it might be a good time to talk about how to properly care for your heat friendly styles– we don’t want you to ruin your beautiful new pastel piece! 😉  Heat friendly styles are wonderful, as they offer so many ways to wear your hair– whether…… Continue reading Lesson #1: Friendly Advice for Heat Friendly Care

Color Craze

Hi guys! It’s Chloe here, bringing you another hot trend for your summer. Here’s a hint: Think bright, think bold, think COLORFUL! That’s right, pastels and vivid colors are here at Name Brand Wigs, and they are oh-so-popular. Whether you are 18 or 80, these colors are sure to make you stand out. These stunning…… Continue reading Color Craze

Hello Gorgeous!

Welcome to The Beautiful Hair Blog, a carefully crafted database of helpful hints, all the hottest styles and trends, and answers to your frequently asked questions! My name is Chloe; I am a customer service representative and color specialist….

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